When tragedy occurs we are left bereft, wondering what could have been, how we could have changed the horrendous outcome, and who we can blame.

The truth is, tragedies occur every day. They are called accidents sometimes.

In the world of Motorsports accidents are part of the risk. An inherently dangerous sport where injury and death are always possibilities, drivers assume the risk and flirt with danger.

In this age of instant news, social media, and opinionated souls with a keyboard for a mouthpiece, people are tried and convicted before facts are known. It’s a sad part of our current society.

We may never know all of the facts surrounding the recent tragedy that has befallen the Motorsports family, but it’s not really for us to know. As much as we want to know, it’s not our business.

At Drafting the Circuits we feel our job is simple, we pray for all of those involved, send warm thoughts to those directly affected, and send positive vibes all around.

That’s it.

We’re not going to show videos, conjecture, state opinions, cast blame, offer support of one over another, or anything.

AJ Allmendinger WGI win 2014

There are enough positive stories to concentrate – AJ Allmendinger winning his first NASCAR Sprint Cup race for his No. 47 JTG Daugherty Racing team at Watkins Glen International comes to mind instantly.

Some would say we’re not being responsible by not covering this bleak ‘story’ of a tragic death.

I say we’d be in error to try to cover something we know nothing about.

What you’ll find at Drafting the Circuits is what you always find: interesting stories to draw the reader in across the world of Motorsports.

We believe in lifting racers and their stories to the light. We concentrate on showing the best our myriad series have to offer in Motorsports.

We don’t apologize for how we cover the sport. In fact, we believe you believe in us and get your Motorsports fix from us and you like us the way we are.

We are going to continue to be who we are and write and broadcast accordingly.

Tragedies and accidents are ever present in Motorsports.

Drafting the Circuits chooses to shine the spotlight on all Motorsports does right.

Thank you for understanding and supporting our philosophy surrounding this matter.