The first thing all rookie drivers learn is to pay attention to the flagging stations located at critical location around a race track. The people working these stations are responsible for getting vital information to the race drivers.

I want to personally thank all the corner workers for providing me with added safety and security while driving on race tracks. Their professionalism, dedication, and friendliness have had a great influence on my life.

These heroes’ have informed me as to the track conditions ahead,  of track blockage ahead, of none race vehicles on track, and even to stop a race in progress because of a serious accident. I always acknowledged the change in flags displayed to me by raising my hand.

In most cases there where three people at a station, one communicating with race control, one displaying the flag, and one with a fire extinguisher. They would work all day long in the most extreme weather conditions one could imagine. The day I was driving my Quantum Saab, and the snow was flying the flag people were there making sure I was safe.

That eventful day during the Pittsburgh Vintage GP when my Dellow rolled over, it was the corner works who ran to me and lifted the car off my shoulders, informed other drivers of the incident, and stayed with me until the medical people arrived. Words alone cannot thank these people enough for their bravery.

The next year after the incident, I drove by the station that had come to my aid and I raised my right hand in salute to these fine people, and was repaid by them standing at attention and saluting me back! Yes, indeed these are wonderful giving people.

I thank you all again.