by Seth Eggert         @MotorsportRev

With more and more sports embracing technology and streaming services, is NASCAR missing out on this growing trend?

While NASCAR does stream its National Series races on the Fox Sports Go app, the NBC Sports app, and some of the regional races on, there are other streaming options the sanctioning body could be looking into.

Just by asking race fans to get some feedback, I’ve come up with two different options for NASCAR to join the streaming trend. Once again, I don’t know the logistics or specifics that would be involved.

The first option could be for NASCAR to overhaul its Android, Google Play, and IOS applications. Each week the sanctioning body could offer an exclusive stream that could have different camera angles than offered by the TV partners. This could range from an onboard camera, helmet camera, or even include a helmet camera for pit crew members. All of this is could, in my opinion, give a much different view of the sport.

Another benefit of the overhauled app could be the ability to view archived races. It could also include other archived content, such as the various documentaries that have been aired on Fox Sports 1, NBCSN, or even from NASCAR’s ESPN tenure. With an application that could do everything listed above, it could diminish the ‘need’ of a dedicated NASCAR channel on TV.

Formula 1, announced recently the upcoming launch of “F1 TV Pro.” As I mentioned in the idea in an overhaul for NASCAR’s app, F1 TV Pro will stream practices, qualifying, and live races. This would be a part of an $8-$12 subscription depending on the market. Non-live content including race highlights, archival footage, timing and scoring, and race commentary will be available on the F1 TV Access level. A full article on F1’s new streaming can be found here.

The second option could include a partnership with streaming services such as Mixer, Twitch, or YouTube Red. Once again, this would likely involve a different, dedicated camera view of one or two drivers. However, this could even include ‘behind the scenes’ footage of the driver in the garage, transporter, or the various engagements with the race fans.

Several drivers including Brad Keselowski and Darrell “Bubba” Wallace, Jr. stream with some regularity on Twitch.

In fact, it was a stream of “Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds” (PUBG) that Wallace was performing in which I conducted an informal poll, asking other viewers if they would watch an exclusive Twitch or YouTube Red stream of the race. The answer was overwhelmingly yes by those participating in the chat at the time.

Of course, there is another part of these options that I have not mentioned. We don’t know the logistics or specifics that these endeavors would require, and also don’t know how this endeavor would be paid for. It would be likely that this could be subscription based, similar to other apps or pay per view content.

Would you be willing to pay for a subscription based stream or upgraded NASCAR app? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Originally published on Motorsports Tribune