I’m just hoping there isn’t going to be another rain delay.  Seriously.  It’s getting annoying.  Having it happen at the first (and also much anticipated) race of the season was not a bad thing.  Daytona under the lights was great.  But, having it happen time and time again is just this – old.

The forecast for Fort Worth, TX isn’t looking so good, either.  Fort Worth is the home of Texas Motor Speedway – the next track that will see a lot of action from both the NASCAR Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series.  Saturday has a mediocre chance of rain, but Sunday has over a 60% chance.  It’s not good for ratings, either.  Many fans seem to “drop off” during a weather delay, and don’t go back to tune in when the weather clears.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that this weekend.

First and foremost, as a Duck Dynasty fan (yes, I admit it), I am thrilled for Willie and the Robertson clan.  Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race will be called the Duck Commander 500.  What’s better than that?  Uncle Si is going to be the Grand Marshal, and more than two dozen family members will be in attendance.  I can’t wait for the race “command,” either.  Hey, it should be interesting, Jack (that’s an Uncle Si reference for those of you that may not know)!

Of NASCAR’s three top series, Nationwide and Sprint Cup will be racing in the Lone Star State, but the Camping World Truck Series won’t be on the track again until May 9th at Kansas (they only run 22 races in their season).

I’m just going to tell you now – I think Kyle Busch will dominate all weekend, in both races.  He won the pole last year in Cup and led more than half of the 334 laps to win the race.

Hendrick and Jimmie Johnson sound like a broken record; however, don’t count Johnson out.  He’s hungry for a win, and probably even more so after Martinsville, where he finished second.

Some say he should have won, but Kurt Busch passed him with only a few laps left.  Mr. “Six Pack” (reference to the number of championships Johnson has in the Cup Series) not only wants that win, he also wants to be virtually locked in to the Chase.

Under the new 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship rules, a driver must win a race to be locked into the Chase system.  Then, the top 16 drivers will advance to the NASCAR Cup playoffs with 10 races left in the remainder of the season.

Don’t count out Brad Keselowski.  Keselowski had a rough 2013 season, and has gotten more slack for it because the year before he was the NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion.

This year, Keselowski already has a win, has pretty much solidified a position in the Chase, and wants more.  He has been running really fast this season, and Texas will be no exception.  Look for Keselowski to not only start up front, but be a serious contender for the win on Sunday.

Someone else who is hungry?  Jeff Gordon.  The No. 24 is fourth in points, and has been running well this season. He is decent at the track and was the race winner in 2009.

I’m looking forward to Sunday, and still have hope that the weather holds up.  I don’t want another delay, and I am sure you don’t, either.  I also can’t wait for Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si to give the race command to fire up the engines.  Yes, I know I alluded to that, but it bears repeating.

The Lone Star State promises “Star” power on and off the track, so make sure to tune in!