My Pocono was showcased recently and it was an amazing time for me and Drafting the Circuits.

But the 2014 Pocono 400 will forever be remembered as the first win at Pocono for Dale Earnhardt Jr.

As many NASCAR fans, and thus many Drafting the Circuits fans, are members of Junior Nation, I found myself taking quite a few pictures of the No. 88 team and their equipment.

I even decided this year I’d venture into Victory Lane, a privilege I am given with my credentials every race weekend, but this was the first time I ever went. In fact, I showed up to victory lane with eight laps left in the race. At that point no one had any idea who would win the race. It was between Brad Keselowski and Earnhardt Jr. and I knew I’d be in victory lane with the winner no matter who it was.

And then, as luck and circumstance would have it, Earnhardt Jr. rolled into victory lane.

Here are my pictures of the Pocono 400 for all of the many happy, grateful, and elated Earnhardt Jr. fans.

No. 88 team prepping the pits for race day.


And the No. 88 car on the grid on Sunday morning.


Driver parade! Earnhardt Jr. with Carl Edwards and Brian Vickers.












There are always oodles of fans donning No. 88 – or vintage No. 8 – t-shirts, hats, bags, and the like. And then there are ultimate fans like these pictures showcase who take their fandom to the extreme! My writer Holly stands in the middle of seven young men who, when standing in proper order together spell out “D A L E J R !”













And then, it finally happened for Earnhardt Jr. at Pocono… he won!

The No. 88 in Victory Lane being parked by a NASCAR official and swarmed by tons of media and photographers and VIPs!
















And finally Earnhardt Jr. climbed out of the car to a shower of cheers, bubbly liquid, good will, and, adoration!












And then there were endless pictures of the team with Earnhardt Jr. with different sponsor hats! And… champagne!



And, after a long time celebrating, picture taking, beer swigging, and congratulating…

Earnhardt Jr. came to the media center to answer endless questions which he did eloquently, patiently, and honestly. It was a treat to see the humble, happy, and peaceful man. If you are interested in reading about his responses to media questions, please read here:


It was a whirlwind day, an exciting experience, a memorable race weekend, and…


… a memory I will have for a lifetime.