With the first anniversary of Drafting the Circuits approaching at the end of this month we are still marking milestones. Today marks perhaps our biggest since our inception – Drafting the Circuits is now available on iTunes!


Simply subscribe to Drafting the Circuits and upload the show – all of the archived ones are available – to your MP3 player.


This is a huge feather in Drafting the Circuits’ cap. We have “arrived” and are so happy to offer this great service to our loyal listeners as well as attract new ones along the way!


To find Drafting the Circuits on iTunes follow this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/drafting-the-circuits/id616064984


Please help us to celebrate this milestone, share the information with your race-loving friends, and remember to subscribe today!


Our next guest on Drafting the Circuits will be the incomparable Dr. Jerry Punch on March 13th!